Our Story

Jake and his family have lived in Indonesia since early 2016. After learning the Indonesian language during their first year, his wife began teaching second grade at a local international school, and he began serving with a local Indonesian church denomination.

Discovering Real Coffee

Prior to Indonesia, Jake had a limited understanding of coffee, casually consuming brews from major American brands as well as brewing ground coffees at home using a basic drip machine. His coffee wasn't complete without a generous dash of flavored creamer.

Upon moving to Indonesia, with little knowledge of the country's coffee production, he was encouraged by a friend at the language school to visit the local ‘coffee supplier’ for freshly-roasted, authentic Indonesian coffee. In the novelty of living in a foreign country with newfound access to 'real' coffee, Jake excitedly entered the Indonesian coffee scene (Jake bought his first bag, eager to taste 'real' Indonesian coffee.)

However, little did he know that this particular Indonesian coffee was quite far (sangat jauh) from the best coffee Indonesia has to offer. A short time later, Jake was introduced to the local expat coffee expert, who works directly with individual Indonesian coffee farmers to discover the best available single origin Arabica coffee beans from the world's largest archipelago. Jake’s eyes were opened to the wonderfully complex flavors of real coffee, and he’s now proud to be labeled as the proverbial ‘coffee snob.’

He affirms: There is no going back. Ever. Our hope is that you'll feel the same way after tasting our Indonesian coffees.


Jake in Indonesia


The Coffee World Is Missing Out 

Many coffee influencers don’t have a full appreciation for Indonesian specialty coffees. Some believe coffee from this tropical paradise predominantly tastes like earth, grains, and vegetables, with dark and bitter flavors associated with the typical wet hulled (giling basah) process. Consequently, many consumers have negative associations with Indonesian coffees and are reluctant to explore coffees from this region.

While Sumatran coffees often reveal a darker, more bitter flavor profile, Sumatran coffees are not representative of all Indonesian coffees. Many Indonesian coffees are waiting to be discovered and appreciated.


The Truth about Indonesian Specialty Coffee

Despite popular belief, Indonesian specialty coffees present some of the most flavorful profiles available. All of our specialty coffee beans contain complex flavors of tropical fruits, warm spices, chocolates and nuts. Jake desires to showcase these delicious Indonesian coffees to the rest of the world, hoping to introduce other coffee connoisseurs to the wide variety of flavors that can be experienced in a cup of Indonesian coffee. Hence, the establishment of Fertile Grounds Coffee to source and sell the best Indonesian specialty coffee beans throughout the United States of America. 

The name of our company, Fertile Grounds Coffee, originates from the fourth chapter of the book of Mark in the Bible, where Jesus says, “Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.” (Mark 4:20)

Indonesia embodies that good soil, with plentiful and exceptionally fertile ground (tanah subur) that proves ripe for the production of outstanding coffee beans. Jake commits to provide you, our highly valued client, with the best single origin arabica coffee beans possible sourced throughout Indonesia. We fully believe our coffee beans will produce the superb quality and taste that you crave for your next cup of coffee.

What are you waiting for? Fill your cup with Fertile Grounds Coffee.